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Tongxing Air Conditioning Technology Co.Ltd is one of the best China air source circulating heat pump water heater manufacturers and suppliers with one of the famous brands, with professional factory, system and service, we are able to provide you with best discount and high quality CE certification air source circulating heat pump water heater.

Water source heat pump ground source heat pump system Features Introduction Features:
(A) Advantages:
1. high: underground soil temperature substantially constant throughout the year at about 16 ℃, slightly higher than the average temperature of 1-2 degrees in the area, so that the heat pump in terms of cooling or heating conditions are in a high efficiency point., save costs: winter running, COP of about 4.2, that is, put 1KW electricity 4KW heat energy available in summer run, COP up to 5.3, input power 1KW, 5KW of available cooling capacity, energy efficiency It is 3-4 times the electric heating mode; and a heat exchanger does not require defrosting, frost and defrosting reduces electricity consumption. Characteristics of ground source heat pump energy efficient air conditioning system, determines its low operating costs. Up traditional central air conditioning energy-saving more than 50% -75%, so you never worry crisis and rising energy prices. maintenance costs: underground pipe portion once operational use, does not require any maintenance costs of basic inputs. Not only reduces the human resources, but also saves a lot of money. geothermal resources readily available, ground source heat pump system via a closed water cycle and soil energy exchange, does not destroy the structure of the formation, not the use of groundwater resources, low noise, emissions and without waste, air without causing thermal pollution, have a good environmental quality and zero pollution. (No combustion heating process, to avoid the smoke pollution, save when the cooling tower, to avoid the noise and mold contamination.) water: water source heat pump system uses closed loop, by means of the source of underground soil temperature field taking cold or heat. So do not evaporate, do not pay, the cycle is a water-saving central air conditioning. and comfort: ground source heat pump system, no cooling towers, fundamentally eliminate the Legionella bacteria breeding, to protect people's health. and practical: ground source heat pump system has no explosive hazard, high degree of automation systems, to achieve the temperature, pressure, flow, multi-parameter automatic adjustment of key parts and install a good performance.
8.performance and reliability: the host system and matching scientific, rational, and selection of the world famous brand, high strength, high density PVC pipes are imported raw materials, coupled use of new PE pipe, safe non-toxic, non-corrosive, good flexibility, high elongation at break, and fused using hot melt sealing system performance, and does not leak, provides reliability for safe operation.
9.long life: underground pipe Nordic chemical raw materials, processing technology and equipment have high technical requirements, the life of 50--70 years, life expectancy for the host 20--25 years, is essentially a one-time investment will last a lifetime type of project .
10.a multi-purpose machine: ground source heat pump system for heating, cooling, domestic hot water is also available, a machine, a system can replace the original boiler plus air-conditioning of the two devices or systems.
11 .Renewable: soil has good regenerative properties of winter through the heat pump will raise the earth shallow low heat for building heating, while cold accumulator, to prepare for summer use; summer through the heat pump heat transfer within a building underground to cool the building, while the heat reservoir to prepare for winter, to ensure a balance of the earth heat.
12 .flexible control, easy operation and management: a high degree of automation, without professional duty, control, flexibility and control needed by the switch have Lengnuanzizhi can be achieved independent accounting unit, household control rooms, convenient owner of the entire system management.
13 .overall appearance, save floor space: eliminating the cooling towers, boilers and ancillary coal shed and slag field, saving land resources, generate additional economic benefits, and improved external image of the building. After the surface coupled pipe backfill still occupied for other sites. inspection approval: Unit is not a pressure vessel, boiler inspection approval and without fire.
15.ground system design professional, scientific, reasonable and reliable.
(B) Disadvantages:
Pipe required larger space. As the end of the fan coil, pipe required amount of open space for the construction area 1/3; terminus as radiant floor heating, pipe required amount of open space for the construction area 1/5
Water source heat pump characteristics
(A) Advantages:
Water source heat pump water as a carrier, winter collection lakes, rivers, groundwater and geothermal water from the tail, and even industrial wastewater, sewage low-grade heat, with the heat pump system, by consuming some power, the energy supplied to the indoor heating obtained; in summer indoor heat removed, released into the water, in order to achieve the purpose of air conditioning in summer. The unit has a standard design, selection of good, simple, safe and reliable. Since the water source heat pump technology uses surface water as a source of heating and cooling air conditioning unit, so it has the following advantages:
1, significant environmental benefits
Water source heat pump is the use of surface water as a heat source for heating air conditioning systems for energy conversion. When eliminating the need for heating coal, gas, oil boiler room system ,, then no combustion process, to avoid the smoke pollution; when cooling eliminates the need for cooling towers, to avoid the noise and mold contamination cooling tower. It does not produce any waste, waste water, waste gas and dust, make the environment more beautiful.
2, energy efficient
Water source heat pump unit available water temperature in winter is 12-22 ℃, the water temperature is higher than the ambient air temperature, the heat pump cycle of evaporation temperature rises, energy efficiency is also improved. In summer the water is 18-35 ℃, the water temperature is lower than the ambient air, refrigeration condensing temperature decreases, so that the cooling effect in the cooling tower and air-cooled, crew efficiency. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency EPA estimates, design and installation of a good water source heat pump, the user can save on average 30 to 40% of heating and cooling air conditioning running costs.
3, stable and reliable operation
The water temperature is relatively stable throughout the year, far less than the range of fluctuation of air changes. It is a good source heat pump heat and cold air conditioning, water temperature more constant, which makes the heat pump more reliable, stable, and also to ensure the system's efficiency and economy. Air source heat pump in winter defrost difficult problems do not exist.
4, a machine, a wide range of applications
Water source heat pump heating system, air conditioning, a machine, a system can replace the original boiler plus air-conditioning of the two devices or systems.
5, automatic operation
Since the water source heat pump units stable condition, it is possible to design a simple system, fewer parts, simple and reliable plant operation, low maintenance costs; high degree of automation, long service life.
(B) Disadvantages:
1, high maintenance costs, subject to the size of the water table varies water flow, thus affecting the building
The cooling and heating effect.
2, large quantities of water, after a long run, easy to damage caused by landslides and the formation of structure
Optimized fan type that greatly improve the efficiency and lower the noise.
Power supply startup delay design, lower the unit startup current.