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The Best Circular Saw Blades of 2023

Apr 30, 2023Apr 30, 2023

Steel is the toughest material a circular saw can cut, but its hardness limits the thicknesses a blade can handle. However, with the right blade, users can still tackle a wide range of construction and engineering applications.

This 7¼-inch circular saw blade from IRWIN is a steel-cutting blade that follows the same principles as the Oshlun nonferrous version. The teeth have a negative rake and a deep body to resist severe impacts. A high tooth count means the saw can present a nearly continuous cutting edge.

The blade body is precision made, with anti-vibration vents that minimize movement and allow straight, accurate cutting. The carbide teeth's anti-kickback design prevents the saw from jumping away from the cut. The teeth do a good job of minimizing swarf (metal debris) and produce few sparks.

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