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Cigar Aficionado’s 2023 Father’s Day Gift Guide

Nov 04, 2023Nov 04, 2023

Mother's Day is easier to shop for: simply pick up flowers or candy or make a brunch reservation. Father's Day is harder—but eminently more fun. Just think of what you’d want and you’re pretty safely on your way to something that will please dad and give lots of appreciation. From $15 all the way up to $12,000, we’ve rounded up a spectrum of gifts that are sure to honor your father.

Leather Log Carrier From Saddleback ($159)It may be warm out now, but all fathers like to be prepared for the winter. If the dad in your life is still lugging logs from the pile by hand, give him a break with this stylish tool from the leather experts at Saddleback. The company's over-engineered leather log carrier is built for long-term performance, made with chrome-tanned leather, vegetable-tanned handles and lined with pigskin on the interior. The company backs its claim that it's the most durable leather log carrier you can find with a 100-year-warranty. Available in your choice of four colors.

S.T. Dupont Line 2 High Roller and Koi Fish Lighters ($1,395)The French lighter known for its signature "ping" when you flip the lid now comes in two new designs. If dad is a high roller (or thinks he is) why not reinforce the idea with S.T. Dupont's Vegas-themed, Line 2 High Roller model? If dad is more laid back and reflective, try the same lighter depicting swimming Koi fish. Both are made with S.T. Dupont's micro diamond head pattern, grooved ignition roller and dual soft flames. And yes, these lighters "ping."

Snazzy Jet Black Vokey Wedges From Titleist ($249)You drive for show, you putt for dough but you need to excel with your wedges to get that ball close enough to have your partner say "that's good." Turn to these new Vokey Design SM9 wedges with a jet black premium finish. Bob Vokey has been designing golf clubs for Titlelist since 1996, specializing in wedges. Vokey SM9 wedges are spin milled to make sharper grooves (which gives you that much-desired spin on the greens) and a shift in weight to the topline promoting better control and more solid contact. The wedges come in six tour-proven grinds, and the company recommends a visit to your local Titleist fitter to get the right club in your hands. They can also be personalized.

Steelport Drop Forged Knives (prices vary)Cheap knives make for frustrated cooks. Finely made knives bring a smile to every aspiring Emeril Lagasse or Guy Fieri. Steelport knives are drop forged from tip to end in high carbon steel. You’ll know them by their two-tone patina. Made in America by Steelport's small team in Portland they contain entirely American materials, right down to the Oregon maple burl handle. The 8-inch chef's knife gives you the most versatile of kitchen knives, drop hammer forged from a single billet of 52100 carbon steel. Your onions and T-bones stand no chance against this lovely knife.

Hear It Loud With McIntosh ($12,000 per pair)Sound icon McIntosh made its first speaker in 1970, with a model called the ML1 Loudspeaker. It was discontinued in 1977, but today the company is bringing it back in new and improved form as the ML1 Loudspeaker Mk II. These are four-way speakers with five separate drivers, made to handle up to 600 watts. They have 12-inch woofers, and as the company says, there is no substitute for woofer size. All the cutting edge tech is housed in American walnut cabinets, and the new models are devoid of the vertical wooden slats that interfered with sound. Unlike the original, the drivers on these new models are positioned symmetrically, meaning there is not a dedicated left and right speaker so there's no wrong way to install them. Orders can be placed now, with shipping expected to begin in July.

The Antuan Maz BBQ Bag ($110)Your barbecue tools aren't kitchen implements and should have a home of their own. The Antuan Maz BBQ Bag keeps up to four of your favorite barbecue tools organized, protected in sturdy leather. It also comes with knife roll set, to ensure your knives remain razor-sharp and ready to slice. Handcrafted with Colombian full grain with ironwork details. Show up with one of these at a cookoff and you’ll be taken very seriously.

BlenderCap From Cruz ($129)Blender drinks are a warm weather staple, but whether you’re at the beach, park or patio, you need electricity to make them. BlenderCap is a high-powered portable mixer with plenty of juice stored in the bank of lithium-ion cells found in its base. You charge with a standard USB connection and get enough power to spin the blades at 18,000 rpm for about a week's worth of use. It comes with its own bottle, but it can be adapted to work with a selection of containers. Fire it up and you’ll soon be making Whiskey Sours, Margaritas and Gin Fizzes. Or, we suppose, you could also make fruit juice.

The price of this item has been corrected since this story was first published.

Cuisinart Private Reserve 16-Bottle Wine Cellar ($499.95)

Your kitchen fridge may be fine for chilling the occasional bottle of Champagne or Chardonnay, but if you like to keep a healthy stock of bottles on ice, ready for any occasion, a dedicated, cooling wine cellar is the answer. This lovely model won't just chill wines, but it will also keep bartending staples like vermouth, amaros and aperitifs fresh after opening. Designed to fit on a counter, the Cuisinart Private Reserve Wine Cellar fits 16 bottles, and contains two climate zones for storing at custom temperatures (39°F to 68°F).

MiniMoog Model D Synthesizer ($5,000)

In 1970 a sea change came to popular music. No it wasn't the breakup of the Beatles nor the emergence of Black Sabbath and the Carpenters. It was the revolutionary MiniMoog Model D synthesizer. Electronic music existed, but the Model D put it in one convenient box that amateurs could hook up and operate. Then it became available at retail. Keyboardists of every stripe—progressive rock, jazz, disco classical, Yes's Rick Wakeman, Stevie Wonder, Bob Marley, David Bowie, Pink Floyd, Parliament—jumped in. Moog (rhymes with vogue) celebrates its 50th anniversary with a re-release of the fabled model with all of its original features (including the pitch wheel), with some 21st-century advancements thrown in to make it even better.

Apollo Remastered: The Ultimate Photographic Record ($46)

In 1969, Neil Armstrong, aboard Apollo 11 with Buzz Aldrin, famously made a "giant leap for mankind," but people at home watched grainy images of slow-scan transmission on the low-res television tubes of the time. Now crystal-clear, never-before-seen photographic prints of the world's most famous space trek have been recovered from a temperature-controlled vault in Houston. The Apollo Remastered bring into vivid color the moments when men first put footprints on a foreign body with a complete photographic account of all the Apollo missions.

Ray-Ban Round Sunglasses ($178)

Whether you're in the frigid north country or tropical coastland, a quality pair of sunglasses is a must for at least part of the year. And Ray Ban is one of the most trusted brands in the game. The wide range of available customization includes lens, frame and temple tip colors, as well as an option for engraving. Ray-Ban also offers a choice of other classic sunglass shapes, including aviator and wayfarer.

A Great Cigar (prices vary)Material items are always nice, so are creative, personalized gifts that show your thoughtfulness and effort. But let's be real, your old man is never going to be upset if you give him some cigars for Father's Day. So if you’re struggling to find the perfect gift or just want to stick with old-reliable, consider simply gifting your dad a great cigar. If you need some help getting started, don't worry, Cigar Aficionado has you covered. We put together a list of twelve high-scoring cigars that are worth the buy right now. Take a look and head to your local cigar shop to get dad a gift you know won't disappoint.

Ryder Reserve Bison Leather Briefcase ($525)A quality briefcase is more than just a fashion or travel accessory, it's a daily companion that stores our precious goods and serves as a reflection of our personality and taste. This Father's Day, help dad up his game with the Ryder Reserve Bison Leather Briefcase. This fine briefcase is made out of full grain bison leather adorned with antique nickel hardware and a suede-lined interior. Dad will be rolling into the office with a new sense of style and sophistication.

Travel Experience Through Viator (Price Varies)When planning a vacation, fathers everywhere know planning an itinerary can quickly become overwhelming. Through, most of the legwork is already done for you with almost any combination of tours or day-trips you can think of available for booking as a gift for dad. For the foodies out there, how about living like royalty with a five-course medieval dining experience by candle light in Prague? For the more outdoorsy, a day exploring the glaciers of Iceland on an ATV or a day-long visit to Mount Fuji in Japan could be an experience no father could forget.

Paul Stuart Mansfield Chelsea Boot ($336.75)Swinging London is back in full-swing with these ankle-high boots from Paul Stuart. This is for the father who remembers the days of long hair, Nehru jackets and hitting the gas on an Eldorado. With its elastic sides and close-fit, these comfortable, yet sleek boots have been quintessential footwear ever since the 1800s but most notably was the chosen footwear for bands such as The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. Made of antique calf leather, these Italian-made boots will provide a classic look that pairs with a two-piece suit just as well as a more casual look such as a pair of jeans and blazer.

The Smoking One By Milo Sculpture ($99.90)Does it seem to you that dad's cigar lounge is missing that something extra to bring the room together? How about a cigar-centric piece of art? Measuring approximately 14 inches tall by 6 1/4 wide, this abstract sculpture is a reproduction of a piece by renowned artist Miguel Fernando Lopez (also known as Milo). Depicting a suspended face and hand joined together by a lit cigar, this is guaranteed to draw the eye and make a great conversation piece while puffing away. Cast by hand in eco-friendly resin, this smoking art piece is available in four striking finishes: White, Black, Gold and Wood.

A Destination Kohler Golf Trip (price varies)For the golf-loving dad, consider a trip via Destination Kohler, which includes several stunning courses such as Whistling Straits (the home to three PGA Championships and the Ryder Cup) and Blackwolf Run. You can stay in style at the American Club, a top-tier hotel that has been around for more than 100 years. And to soothe the aching muscles after several rounds of golf, consider the Kohler Waters Spa. Prices vary, depending on season and time of play.

Inlaid Whiskey Flask By Thalia ($25-$35)Flasks are often seen as a covert vessel, a plain little item merely to conceal in a pocket or jacket to only come out for a furtive nip of your choice of liquor but this is one flask any father would be happy to proudly pass around for a friendly swig whether on the golf course or at a wedding. Each flask is inlaid with a beautiful design consisting of curly Hawaiian Koa wood, pearl, abalone or combination thereof. There are nine different eye-catching designs to choose from such as a Tree of Life, a trio of Chinese dragons, a large disc of blue abalone and more.

Oblio By Lexon Wireless Charging Station ($79.90)With the increasing necessity for smartphones in today's world, proper caring for these expensive little bricks has become crucial in our day-to-day lives. But did you know that, according to a study, cell phones were found to be ten times dirtier than a toilet seat? Have no fear, this charging station features a built-in antibacterial UV light capable of eliminating 99.9% of germs. Just pop the phone into the station to charge and it takes care of the rest. Your dad's phone could be clean enough to eat off of (not that we recommend it).

The Fight ($74)The classic "Rumble in the Jungle" between Muhammad Ali and George Foreman in 1974 is one the most historic occasions in all of sports, let alone boxing. It's no surprise that Norman Mailer's 1975 book The Fight, chronicling the boxing match of epic, global proportions, saw great success as a masterpiece of sportswriting. Now, nearly four decades later, you can experience an enhanced edition of the book complete with photography from Neil Leifer and Howard L. Bingham, two sports photographers who had inside access to the fight camps and were on the ground during the legendary bout in Kinshasa, Zaire.

Razor HD 12x50 Binoculars ($1,499.99)This is a gift for the dad who knows the best way to truly appreciate nature is up close and personal. Or at least as close as safely possible. With a field of view at 285 feet and 1,000 yards, hunting elk in the wilderness, birdwatching or observing a herd of deer that has wandered into your backyard, these binoculars will always bring nature to you in focus with astounding clarity. Lightweight at just under two pounds, these are deceptively rugged to withstand various conditions over any terrain. Plus, they carry a lifetime warranty.

Båge & Söner Alarm Clocks ($550 to $590)Sleep in peace, wake up in style. That's the motto of Båge & Söner, the Swedish company that crafts these attractive, bedside timepieces by hand. Made in Stockholm, these look more like Swiss horology than they do alarm clocks, and that's the idea. From the vegetable-dyed leather to the vintage travel alarm clock aesthetic, each precision piece brings a renewed sense of analog elegance to the bedroom that digital clocks and cell phones simply cannot. At 3 inches by 3 inches, they come in various models and colors with somnolent names like Northern Lights, Nightfall, Forest Dream and Happy Yawn (shown above).

Real Japanese Wagyu Beef From Crowd Cow (prices vary)You might see the word Wagyu thrown around on menus, but the real stuff is quite uncommon outside of top restaurants—and quite pricey. If dad is willing to change his attitude toward beef, then he just might be ready to enter the rarified realm of true Wagyu. These impossibly marbled slabs of steak sourced by Crowd Cow are A5 level cuts from Kagoshima, Shinshu and Hokkaido farms in Japan. Prices vary according to size and type, but you can go straight to the very pinnacle with the Olive Wagyu collection (shown). These cows are raised on upcycled toasted olive pulp and the pampering is reflected in the cost. A set of three steaks from these coveted cows—striploin, filet and ribeye—will set you back $899.99.

Goldbelly's Blackberry Farm Gourmet Grilling Gift Box ($89.95)Up dad's grilling game with this set of sauces and a tasty rub from the acclaimed Blackberry Farms restaurant in Tennessee. It's Goldbelly's goal to source foods and ingredients from destination restaurants around the country, and this assemblage of grilling products can elevate pedestrian BBQ to gourmet status. Straight from the foothills of the Smoky Mountains, the set includes a 1 lb. bag of dry BBQ rub, a 16 oz. jar of J&S BBQ sauce and a jar of smoked onion jam (7.75 oz.) as well as jars of sweet hot mustard, peach Vidalia jam and bread-and-butter pickles called Tennessee Chow Chow.

Cocktail Kits From Via Carota ($99)Classic cocktails might be barroom canon but oddly enough, few bartenders get them right. At home, the mixed drinks can get even worse. Let this set from Via Carota make it easy on dad, who probably just wants a good cocktail with as little hassle as possible. From the people who own the European-styled Bar Pisellino in New York City, Via Carota puts its ready-to-pour cocktails in attractive bottles. There's the Negroni set, which comes with one bottle of classic Negroni and one bottle of white; the Martini set, with one bottle of vodka-based Martini and one bottle of Espresso Martini; and the Bourbon set (shown), with one bottle of Old Fashioned and one bottle of Manhattan. All sets come with two glasses.

A Magazine Offer Made For Dad ($14.95)This Father's Day, you can gift your dad a subscription to his favorite magazine at a remarkably low, limited-time price of $14.95 for the full year. Each issue includes profiles and interviews from tons of intriguing people, write ups of products and experiences fit for the good life, cigar industry features and unparalleled stories, plus, expert reviews on tons of new cigars every single issue, and so much more.

Leather Log Carrier From Saddleback S.T. Dupont Line 2 High Roller and Koi Fish Lighters Snazzy Jet Black Vokey Wedges From Titleist Steelport Drop Forged Knives Hear It Loud With McIntosh The Antuan Maz BBQ Bag BlenderCap From Cruz Cuisinart Private Reserve 16-Bottle Wine Cellar MiniMoog Model D Synthesizer Apollo Remastered: The Ultimate Photographic Record Ray-Ban Round Sunglasses A Great Cigar Ryder Reserve Bison Leather Briefcase Travel Experience Through Viator Paul Stuart Mansfield Chelsea Boot The Smoking One By Milo Sculpture A Destination Kohler Golf Trip Inlaid Whiskey Flask By Thalia Oblio By Lexon Wireless Charging Station The Fight Razor HD 12x50 Binoculars Båge & Söner Alarm Clocks Real Japanese Wagyu Beef From Crowd Cow Goldbelly's Blackberry Farm Gourmet Grilling Gift Box Cocktail Kits From Via Carota A Magazine Offer Made For Dad