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Diablo Carbide Oscillating Blades

Jun 04, 2023Jun 04, 2023

As a professional in the trades, you can find yourself plunge-cutting through tough materials like metal and nail-embedded wood with an oscillating tool. Having to change your blade less frequently lessens downtime and leads to better overall results. Luckily, Diablo designed their carbide oscillating blades to stand the test of time and help you deliver precise cuts in tough applications.

Two types of Diablo carbide oscillating blades are available: a curved contact edge version for general-purpose cuts and a straight-edge carbide tooth version for fast cuts through metal. Both blade styles are available in various sizes and feature either a universal fit or a Starlock interface.

Diablo claims the carbide oscillating blades have a lifespan of up to 50X longer than standard bi-metal blades. Additionally, they feature Black I.C.E. (Industrial Cooling Agent) coated teeth that provide heat resistance and chip evacuation.

For the curved, general-purpose blades, Diablo tells us to expect extreme durability when cutting in materials like nail-embedded wood, clean wood, metal, plastic, and PVC. The blades’ curved edge was designed to create a pilot in your material to help with precise cuts. It's also supposed to reduce vibration, leading to longer blade life.

The universal interface features an adapter-free design that makes it compatible with all oscillating tool brands. The Starlock interface is compatible with Starlock-fitting tools, as well as some non-Starlock multi-tools from several brands. Bosch, Makita, Milwaukee, Ridgid, and Festool tools support this interface.

If you have a Craftsman, DeWalt, Dremel, Hart, or Porter-Cable brand oscillating tool, you should stick with the universal fit.

Having extensively tested to find the best oscillating multi-tool, we have some familiarity with accessories. We can't help but note the use of three open areas on the curved blades. Those should help clear debris when performing deeper cuts into wood. Blade composition matters, but so does an accessory's ability to clear material from the cutting path!

You get a similar result from the narrow throat on the straight 1.25-inch carbide oscillating multi-tool blades. This is a great design overall.

There are several configurations for Diablo's carbide oscillating blades, so there's no one price. For the single blades, expect to pay anywhere from $20 to $40, depending on which size and interface you prefer.

There are also 3-pack combinations available, which will cost $43 or more. With the three-packs, you’re saving around 30% in the long run, so we like that option. We have yet to see multi-packs of the curved blade carbide blades.