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Gainesville man slit his own throat while driving after fatally stabbing wife, detective says

May 17, 2023May 17, 2023

May 31—Christopher Snow, 31, and his wife celebrated their wedding anniversary April 14 at a standup comedy show on Gainesville's downtown square.

The next day, she was found stabbed to death in their Spring Valley apartment, and he was being pried from his mangled car after wrecking it in Gwinnett County.

He had confessed to killing Casey Lynn Mae Allen, 32, to a couple family members, dropped the couple's baby off at his aunt's house and slit his own throat while driving down the road, according to Gainesville Police Department investigator Glenn Ewing.

Ewing testified Wednesday that Allen was found dead on the living room floor of the couple's apartment, lying face up in a pool of her own blood and covered by blankets. She had been stabbed several times in her neck, arm and chest, and the tip of a broken blade was found on the floor inches from her head.

Snow has been charged with felony murder, aggravated battery and aggravated assault.

Shortly after the murder, Snow told his aunt and father he stabbed Allen to death in their apartment during an argument, according to Ewing's testimony.

He met his aunt at her house, dropped off the couple's baby, drove off in his car and crashed in Gwinnett County.

Snow's aunt called 911 and asked for a welfare check at the apartment.

Ewing said Snow slit his own throat with a ceramic knife while driving and crashed his car, adding that emergency personnel had to pull him from the car using a hydraulic tool called the jaws of life.

"While I was on scene, we heard that Christopher Snow had been involved in a car accident while traveling at a high rate of speed ... and that he had made a phone call to his aunt ... that he didn't want to live anymore and that he wanted to kill himself," Ewing said.

The night before Allen's body was found, the couple attended a standup comedy show at the Blue Door nightclub in downtown Gainesville to celebrate their wedding anniversary, and one of comedians had some laughs at Snow's expense, according to Ewing's interview with Snow's aunt.

"She told me that the comedian was ribbing Christopher and that Casey was kind of going along with it," Ewing said. "He appeared to be a little irritated but nothing serious."

Ewing said he had not yet seen the autopsy report and that he was unsure exactly when the killing occurred.

He said the couple's baby was not in the apartment when the murder occurred.

He said Allen had "three, maybe four, stab wounds" on her chest and neck, along with what appeared to be defensive wounds on her arms. The knife was not recovered, he said, though the tip of a metal blade was found near Allen's head.

The knife Snow used to slit his own throat while driving was not the murder weapon, he said.

After listening to testimony, Judge Margaret Gregory moved all charges on to Superior Court.