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Knife with 7

Apr 11, 2023Apr 11, 2023

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — A razor sharp knife with a 7-inch blade and two airsoft guns were among the weapons seized in South Florida schools on Thursday, a local school board member said.

Daniel Foganholi of the Broward County School Board posted photos on Twitter showing two airsoft guns — which are realistic-looking toy weapons that fire plastic pellets using air pressure — found in elementary schools on Thursday, along with a knife found in a middle school.

Foganholi said the items were found in students' backpacks. He used the images to reinforce his position on stronger school security.

"Ensuring the safety and security of our students and educators should always be the top priority," Foganholi wrote. "We must take all necessary measures to create a safe learning environment for our future leaders. Backpacks, metal detectors, more security… I’m ready to talk about it. THIS IS MY DATA."

Just today, these items were found in backpacks. 2 Airsoft guns in Elementary and a knife in a middle school. Ensuring the safety and security of our students and educators should always be the top priority. We must take all necessary measures to create a safe learning…

Earlier this week, Broward County Public Schools announced that, starting next school year, all K-12 students are only allowed to have clear bags at school.

The measure, which goes into effect on Aug. 21, the first day of the 2023/23 academic year, will apply to all bags on school grounds, including backpacks, purses, lunch boxes, duffel bags, and fanny packs.

"The purpose of this requirement is to add an additional layer of safety across our district and provide added safeguards for our students, staff, and faculty," the school district said in a news release. "While backpacks are not mandatory, they must be clear and all contents within the backpack must be visible."

The only exceptions will be for small non-transparent pouches for personal hygiene items, thermal food containers carried inside clear lunch boxes, school-approved sport-specific carrying case for athletic equipment, and school-approved instrument-specific carrying case for band equipment.

Students who don't follow the clear backpack rules will be "subject to search and appropriate disciplinary action," Broward County Public Schools said.


The Palm Beach County School Board on Wednesday approved a $2 million contract to buy metal detectors for all high schools district-wide.

However, Superintendent Mike Burke said the School District of Palm Beach County won't move forward with the purchase until they can evaluate a pilot program at four schools: John I. Leonard High School, Palm Beach Lakes Community High School, Seminole Ridge Community High School, and Palm Beach Gardens Community High School.

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Chief Sarah Mooney of the School District of Palm Beach County's police department said the metal detector pilot program may begin over the summer and continue into next school year. She hopes to have everything in place district-wide by January of next year.