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The Gearward Ceramic Escape Knife Is A Concealed Escape Tool

May 25, 2023May 25, 2023

Pocket knives are useful for just about anything. They come in handy during outdoor adventures when you need to make fire or cook food and even during minor on-the-road fixes. They can cut through wires and other strings. But most importantly, they are also useful during emergency situations and the Gearward Ceramic Escape Knife might save your life.

This is more than just a portable folder. It's meant to be a concealed weapon in case of emergencies. As its name entails, it's your last-ditch tool in case of a kidnapping or abduction. This folder is for military personnel, travelers, or for daily commuters in case they need a backup protection or escape tool.

The Gearward Ceramic Escape Knife is very small, not much bigger than a quarter and this is by design. Its low profile means you can easily slip it in unconventional places where it can least be discovered by kidnappers but somewhere you can easily reach for it when needed. These include the lining of your jacket, behind the label of your pants, into your shoe lining, buttoned into the sleeve of a dress, the pleats, or other discreet places.

This pocket knife only measures 1.75″ x 0.4″ when closed and has a 1.25-inch cutting edge. It weighs 2.5 grams. Best of all, it boasts a ceramic blade, which stays sharper ten times longer than steel and does not rust. The blade is also long enough for minor jobs. The only metal in the Gearward Ceramic Escape Knife is the copper grommet/blade pivot.

Images courtesy of Gearward