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Baucor Now Manufacturing and Supplying Industrial Blades, Machine Knives, and Custom Cutting Tools

Apr 26, 2023Apr 26, 2023

Baucor Blades

Irvine, CA, USA - Munich, Germany (PRWEB) August 26, 2017

Baucor has announced recently that it added new styles of industrial blades, machine knives and, custom medical blades on its product portfolio under its trademark Baucor.

In addition to its facility in the United States of America (Baucor, Inc), Baucor also manufactures and sells machine knives, industrial blades, custom cutting tools in its European facility located in Munich, Germany (Baucor Global GmbH) ( Baucor branded industrial blades ( and machine knives ( sold worldwide include (but not limited to) packaging knives (, paper converting and paper cutting blades, tire cutting blades, rubber cutting blades, plastic cutting blades, textile blades, plastic film and foil blades, fruit and vegetable processing blades, poultry processing knives, meat chopping and processing knives, tissue and paper towel log saw knives, recycling - size reduction knives, and medical - surgical blades.

Baucor now also manufactures high quality machine knives such as circular knives (, circular blades, circular slitter blades, circular razor blades, top circular slitter blades, top dish blades, bottom circular slitter blades, pointed tip blades, toothed blades including serrated, saw and scalloped edge blades, rotary slitter blades, rotary shear blades, pneumatic knife holders, straight blades, curved industrial blades, medical saw blades.

The cut type of these machine knives include guillotine blades, score slitter blades, shear knives (, slitter knives, cutting blades, crush cut knives, core cutting blades, burst slitter knives, perforating blades, rotary shear slitter blades, plastic pelletizer knives, granulator knives, scraper blades, tray sealer knives, packaging knives, form fill seal packaging blades, flow wrapping packaging knives, vertical form fill seal blades, rubber mill knives, cut off knives, paper splice knives, punch knives and die press knives.BAUCOR, Inc also carries an extensive in-stock industrial blades and machine knives including score slitter blades, top slitter blades, bottom slitter knives, food processing knives ( and circular knives for all type of cutting applications. Its circular blades and circular knives are made to last longer without frequent resharpening, thanks to carefully controlled material selection for the right cutting applications.

BAUCOR takes full advantages of his capabilities to manufacture custom industrial blades and machine knives per drawing and sample within proven shortest turnaround time in the market. BAUCOR manufactures machine knives and blades with such strict tolerances as ±.0002" (±0.005 mm) on circular knives (

Baucor is now fully capable of manufacturing custom manufactured razor sharp blades including surgical blades and medical knives. Its capabilities allow to manufacture custom industrial blades, custom industrial knives, industrial slitting blades, industrial cutter knives, guillotine blades, splice knives, splicing blades, paper cutting blades, paper cutter knives, scalloped blades, serrated knives, inlay carbide knives, carbide tipped blades and solid carbide knives, horizontal packaging blades.The materials used to make its quality industrial blades and machine knives include carbon steel grades, D2 tool steel, M2 HSS (high speed steel), 1095 blue tempered spring steel, 1075 spring steel, and a wide range of Tungsten Carbide grades.

With its headquarters located in Irvine, California and Munich, Germany, Baucor exports its quality industrial blades worldwide from the North America and Europe.

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