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Cosen Saws MH

Mar 27, 2023Mar 27, 2023

Cosen Saws has introduced its MH-1018JA manual horizontal scissor style band saw.

It comes equipped with a manual vise and adjustable hydraulic down feed. It is suited for a small to medium machine shop, maintenance shop, metal fabricating shop, school, and for limited run production work.

It is a great machine for cutting square, round, and rectangular solids, as well as tubing material. The saw has a round capacity of 10 in. and a rectangular capacity of 9 by 16.5 in. When the vises are adjusted to 45 degrees, the rectangular capacity becomes 9 by 10 in..

The saw fits a 11 ft. by 1 in. by 0.035 in. blade accompanied by a 2 HP saw blade motor. Other machine features include a hydraulic cylinder plus precision ground hinge support; step pulley drive; adjustable flood coolant system; hardened worm gear for durability; carbide blade guides and bearing provides additional blade support; rigid cast-iron guide arms and cast-iron vise; blade cleaning chip brush; and adjustable down-feed control.

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