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The price of this must

May 24, 2023May 24, 2023

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TL;DR: Keep your blades sharp as ever with this dynamic Angle Pro Knife Sharpener with Angle Gauge, now just $59.97 from 5/24 through 5/31.

Whether you’re just experimenting in the kitchen for the first time or like to channel your inner Gordon Ramsey each time you stand in front of your stove, the tools you use while doing so make all the difference. And if you’re still using dull, weak blades, you could be in store for a very unpleasant cooking experience.

From slicing cheese to pair with your favorite wine to dicing up veggies for a colorful salad, using sharp, durable blades is a huge part of creating delicious, mouth-watering eats, which is why this Angle Pro Knife Sharpener is a must-have for any knife-wielder. Successfully funded on Kickstarter and featured on top sites, like Florida Today, Space Coast Daily, and more, this gizmo ensures your pairing knives, cleavers, and whatever else are clean and sharp with minimal effort.

Unlike your traditional knife sharpening tools, the Angle Pro Knife Sharpener boasts multiple features, including a stainless steel angle gauge that can measure a blade's exact angle for the best sharpening possible. The tool also has three ceramic wheels that straighten the blade, three diamond wheels for stellar sharpness, and 3 tungsten carbide rods that put a new, dynamic edge onto your blade.

Toting 4.5 out of five stars online along with stellar reviews, there's really no reason not to invest in this tool that promises exquisite sharpness on all of your blades, especially given that it's a fantastic price in honor of Memorial Day. And when you consider the fact that it costs way less than a trip to the ER with a severed finger due to cutting with a weak, dull blade, this tool is definitely worth it.

Could your knives use a little sharpening? Act fast — this Memorial Day discount will only be around through 5/31!

The Angle Pro Knife Sharpener with Angle Gauge is just $59.97 during the Memorial Day sale, and you don't even need a coupon code.

Prices subject to change.