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Solid Carbide Razor Blades for Zund Cutter Foam Cutting Tool

Solid Carbide Razor Blades for Zund Cutter Foam Cutting Tool

Overview The tungsten carbide blades produced and sold by LCUT are made of high-quality cemented carbide materials, whic
Basic Info
Certification ISO9001:2008, ISO9001:2000, RoHS, CE
Application Milling Machine
Standard Standard
Coating Uncoated
Material Cemented Carbide
Hardness Hra89-Hra93
Precision 0.002mm
Customization Available
Sample Available
Edge Sharp Edge
Flatness 0.02mm
Transport Package Wooden Box
Specification As per request
Trademark LCUT
Origin China
HS Code 82089000
Production Capacity 50000PCS/Year
Product Description

The tungsten carbide blades produced and sold by LCUT are made of high-quality cemented carbide materials, which are sharp and durable.They are widely used in flexible materials, paper, corrugated, gray board, hollowboard. KT board. and honeycomb.leather. cloth and other materials. The zund blade cuts accurately and can be used for cutting clothing, printing, film, packaging, textiles, glass fiber, lithium batteries, papermaking, etc. Proprietary CNC sharpening technology allows LCUT to precision sharpen pointed blades with razor-like edges in a pointed-tip configuration for added versatility and optimized cutting performance. Pointed tip blades can be best applied in applications that require a sharp point to initiate a cut in a tough material, the lowest possible penetration force and a slit area of a given length, such as in piercing a slit in a rubber diaphragm. The cost of a pointed tip blade is incrementally higher than a blade having a simple straight edge, but the additional benefits noted above will often outweigh the marginal increase in cost.

Product Features

1. Various blade options for the most popuplar ESKO cutter ,Zund Cutter ect.2. All dimensions available, diameters of 6mm, 8mm, 10mm ect.
3. Improved durability and wear-life, up to 600% better than standard steels:4. Greater productivity and less down time due to fewer blade changes;5. Cleaner and more precise cuts due to reduced friction;6. Reduction in start-up and end of line waste:7. Better overall cutting performance in high heat and high speed cutting

Product Parameters

Solid Carbide Razor Blades for Zund Cutter Foam Cutting Tool

Solid Carbide Razor Blades for Zund Cutter Foam Cutting Tool

Lcut Knives and Blades

Why Use Lcut Machine Knives?

Lcut is technically reliable with over 30+ years of manufacturing experience in all types of industrial knives and blades. When you use Lcut knives and blades, you save money and worries about replacing them.We are located in one of the largest production bases of Tungsten carbide products, we have a strong ability to access almost all quality steel and other materials available in the industry. Lcut manufactures all your knives and machines from the best quality steels procured from ISO 9001 certified mills and suppliers.If you are looking for machine knives with extra longevity, less machine downtime, and fast turnaround time, Lcut is ready to help, we are super easy to work with!What customized knives and blades does Lcut produce?
You can contact Lcut sales engineers and make your own customized order to meet the exact requirements you need.We can customize to your individual needs of below criteria:
  1. Grades of steel
    1. Carbide
    2. Ceramic
    3. High carbon steel
    4. Hardened tool steel
    5. High-speed steel
    6. Stainless steel steel
    7. More
  2. Tooth designs
    1. Single/Double Bevel
    2. Perforated
    3. Serrated
    4. Zigzag
    5. Chisel
    6. EZ Open
    7. Many more
  3. Coatings/Notch
    1. Carbide
    2. Titanium Nitrate
    3. More
What materials does Lcut make its knives and blades?
Basically, the most widely used material in Lcut knives and blades are:
  1. Solid carbide & Carbide Inlaid (Precise cut, extra hardness and durability)
  2. Ceramic (Precise thin cut, widely used in film& foil, fabric cutting applications)
  3. Hardened tools steels (D2, A2, A8. S7, 1095, 1075, highly durable, moisture and abrasion resistant)
  4. High-speed steels (M2 HSS, M4 HSS, ASP23, High levels of hardness, friction, and heat resistance)
  5. Stainless steel grades (300 and 400 series, Stain and rust resistant, corrosion resistant, cost-effective)
  6. High carbon steels (52100 steel, Extra hardness, corrosion and wear resistance)
  7. CPM 10V/9V Cold/Hot steel (Stand for extreme cold and hot temperature, high impact, and stress, corrosion resistant)
  8. Spring steel (High yield strength for high-stress cutting jobs)

Lcut makes knives and blades from a wide variety of different materials. We select the best material as per what blades you need to cut and the consideration of the heat, cold, and moisture in the cutting applications.What coatings on the blades does Lcut provide?

Lcut can make your knives and blades with any of the below coatings:
  1. Titanium Nitride Coating
  2. Titanium Carbon Nitride
  3. Electroless Nickle Plating
  4. Hard Chrome

Inspection& Packaging

Lcut makes sure evey pc of your knives and blades is packed in new and safe export packing so that no damages occur during transportation with different means to the point of destination.

Before shipping, all your knives and blades will have proper anti-rust treatment to ensure protection against damages during transportation and storage.

About Lcut

1. Are you manufacturer?
Yes, Lcut is machine knives manufacturer and we are ready to be your factory partner for all types of industrial knives and blades, regardless of industries and applications.
2. What does Lcut Mean?
"L" comes from the initial letter of our company's Chinese name Linglite, " cut" is what we specialize in, we get the cut your want!
3. How long has Lcut been established?
Lcut was created in 1990s by Mr Zhang Yongxiang, during all these 30+ years, the company has gradually grown to be the leading manufacturer of machine knives and blades in the industry. Apart from conventional steel-made machine knives and blades, Lcut has quickly developed its own production lines of solid carbide knives and ceramic blades. We have been striving to increase our manufacturing capabilities and reduce costs so that you can get the best cut with the most competitive prices in the market.
4. What Does Lcut do?
Lcut has over 18000 square meter's production workshop, 136 experienced workers, and QC in house, we have the technical know-how to manufacture and supply every machine knife and blade you need, no matter what edge or coating or steel you need, we can get the cut you want.
5. How soon can Lcut deliver the machine knives?Lcut can manufacture and deliver most of the standard and customize knives and blades in 2-3 weeks. We also accept urgent orders depending on the specs and materials availability. 6. How to work with Lcut?
Working with Lcut can be simply easy. You send us the drawings/sketches/ prints or just samples, our technical team can identify any knives and blades.After quotation and order is confirmed, Lcut production team will ensure your orders are processed in all right hands and finished in a timely manner. We conduct 100% inspection on all knives and blades we manufacture, full quality inspection reports will be provided upon request.Lcut can handle DAP&DDP shipping and delivery to your door as well.In conclusion, You want it, we manufacture and deliver it, and you have it! 7. Where to find Lcut?Lcut factory is located in Sichuan, China, You are welcome anytime to contact our sales to arrange a visiting tour of our factory and workshops online.