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Great Father's Day Gifts for Hunters and Anglers

Oct 11, 2023Oct 11, 2023

Finesse bass fishing is in throughout the summer and dads who prefer that style will love Lew's new Custom Lite Shallow Spool baitcasting reel. The newly introduced reel is built for baitcast enthusiasts who throw finesse crankbaits, small topwaters and lightweight soft plastics to get the job done. The ultra-shallow 30mm spool design requires less inertia to spin when casting light weights, resulting in distance and accuracy under any conditions. The Custom Lite is built with a premium QuietCast Adjustable Centrifugal Braking system and Lew's innovative free spool rotation design to deliver an exceptionally long and accurate cast with finesse-sized baits. The reel's lightweight frame helps detect the slightest of strikes. Simply put, this is a great small baitcaster. $299.99 |

This is a great pair of boots if Dad frequently ventures into areas of thick brush or brambles, or snake-infested areas. They have an adjustable gusset to accommodate larger calves and those who like tucking their pants into their boots and are two inches taller than other Dryshod models for added protection. A wicking airmesh lining with micro-dot perforations inside also permits more airflow to keep feet cool in hot temperatures. Waterproof, insulated, grippy and comfortable, this boot offers a lot for the price. $204.95 |

If Dad's a traditionist who likes to carry his rifles on leather, impress him with the Cobra Deluxe sling from Versacarry. Made in the USA from double-ply, vegetable-tanned water buffalo hide, the Cobra Deluxe is both tough and good looking. The sling is stitched with industrial-grade, bonded-nylon thread, is adjustable for length via a Chicago screw and comes with swivels. It's available in brown, black and gray, and with or without padding. Give Dad a chance to get one up on his buddies; this thing is made from water buffalo, after all. $59.99 |

There's perhaps no greater satisfaction for a hunter than breaking down a harvested animal and later cooking that meat to perfection. This knife set from MEAT! certainly helps with the former. With a couple 6-inch boning knives, an 8-inch breaking knife, a sharpening tool and two larger 10-inch knives, you have everything you need to butcher a wide variety of game animals. All knives are made with high-grade stainless steel, feature full-tang construction and have slip-resistant handles. MEAT! also offers a handy waxed canvas and leather rollup for the knives (sold separately) for travel and storage for around $70. $109.99 |

Two new OKC offerings may be of interest to dads who are campers and bushcrafters. The SPL (Sport Leisure Pack) Knife is a simply designed full-tanged thin drop point blade with a full flat grind, ideal especially for camp cooking chores and yet still capable of light wood chopping. Overall length is 8 inches, with a 3.9-inch blade of MagnaCut steel, which, again, provides a superior combination of hardness, corrosion resistance and edge retention. The G10 handle scales are blaze orange, and the matching plastic sheath has a clip as well as molded belt loops for varied carry options. $169.95 (SPL); $77.97 (Seax) |

This is a perfect jacket for a host of situations. Its PrimaLoft Evolve active insulations makes it warm when you’re sitting still, yet the jacket remains breathable and light for when you’re moving. Its durable water-repellent finish sheds moisture quickly, too. It's a great mid layer on cold-weather hunts or a great standalone option in the fall or spring. The jacket also stows neatly in a pack if temperatures rise and you get too hot. The Mud color option is great for waterfowl hunting or casual wear, while other patterns are more tailored to specific pursuits. $299.99 |

Ever angler, hunter or outdoorsman can benefit from a pair of quality polarized sunglasses, and the new Cleat model, which features an 8-base frame and Fin-Nor's excellent Lateral Line Performance Lens Technology, is a great choice. They have an innovative venting system, an adjustable nose pad and integrated spring hinges for a snug fit on different face shapes and sizes. The Cleats also feature built-in peripheral shields, which block extra light from the sides to help make your view beneath the surface even clearer. They’re available in several frame and lens colors, and with either glass or polycarbonate lenses. $189.00 |

Combining rechargeability and C4 LED technology, the Streamlight Stinger Rechargeable LED Flashlight boasts the lowest operating cost of any flashlight made. Enhanced efficiency and innovative use of reflectors to magnify, direct and intensify light beams, make Streamlight Stinger C4 LED flashlights two to three times brighter than traditional LED flashlights. Multi-function On/Off push-button switch designed for extremely long life; tested at 1 million actuations. The Streamlight Stinger Rechargeable LED Flashlight fits existing Stinger chargers. ANSI/NEMA FL1-2009 compliant. C4 LED technology, Photonic Crystal and Thin Film Flip Chip, among other technologies, combine to make this Stinger LEDs even better. $124 |

Skip the tie and go with a shirt—one that will keep Dad protected from the sun and cool on the water. A close look at the shirt's polyester fabric reveals Columbia's Omni-Freeze Zero technology: little blue rings that concentrate a cooling agent next to the skin that is activated by sweat. Plus, multiple Airgill vents along the sides and back of the shirt ensure lots of air flow. Omni-Shade UPF 50 sun protection keeps rays off the skin, and Blood ’n Guts repellency means Dad doesn't have to worry about fish slime, ketchup or coffee staining his new favorite shirt. $100 |

The original Firedisc Short Outdoor Cooker is portable, has 380 square inches of cooking area, and stands just 24 inches high. Whether you're headed to the backyards, or are on the go for a hunting, fishing or camping trip, the cooker fits in well. It folds up and fits neatly into a trunk or truck bed, and is easy—and quick—to get started. Can cook most foods, even stews and soups, and the cooker's height is convenient for cooking while sitting down. $379.99 |

If Dad is a bass fisherman, he’ll appreciate nearly any gift that will help him catch more lunkers. A collection of lures always makes sense. These were some of our favorites we used to compile our Tackle Test 2023 gear reviews. The Berkley PowerBait Speed Boss Worm ($5.99/8-pack) is a large-profile worm that the Bienville bass inhaled whether we fished it on the bottom or swam it weightless. The twin turbo tail emits a large amount of vibration, drawing fish to investigate the commotion. The PowerBait-infused scent keeps fish holding on longer than with other unscented baits. An advanced vibrating jig with a twist, the Berkley PowerBait Slobberknocker ($13.99) is capable of being fished at any depth and at any retrieve speed. Tackle zTest team members amended the vibrating jigs with the Berkley PowerBait PowerStinger ($9.99/7-pack) for extra enticement.

You can give a full year of the perfect gift for any serious hunting & fishing enthusiast - Game & Fish. Every month, the recipient will discover the best hunting and fishing hotspots throughout their region plus plenty of how-to tactics and special strategies designed to make them a more successful hunter and angler. One-year subscription, $10 (annual newsstand price is $59.90) $10 |

Experience higher sensitivity at night with the 0.01 lux image sensor. The sensor has excellent low light performance, making it easier to detect targets in low-light and dark environments. The 1920*1080 full HD sensor and 1024*768 OLED display delivers exceptional imaging with rich contrast. The 350-yard Infrared fill light improves night vision and small prey such as birds and hares can be seen clearly. The 850nm wavelength is brighter and allows you to see much further. The 940nm wavelength is suitable for concealed observation. The upgraded version of the optical glass lens has a high degree of color reproduction, which reduces the appearance of light reflections in the lens. This suppresses flares and glares to deliver sharp and rich contrast images. One click to enable full HD video recording, camera and playback function. The image resolution is 2608*1944 and the video resolution is 1920*1080. Images are smoother and have more detail. You can share high resolution images of your outdoor adventures on social media. The device has 6000J recoil resistance and can withstand the recoil of various high caliber rifles ensuring a stable user experience. Color mode is for day time use and the picture is rich and colorful. Black and white mode is for night vision. You can turn on the fill light when you switch to night vision mode for better target recognition in a wide array of environments. $389 |

In the "if money is no object" category for fishing reels comes the new-for-2023 Shimano Stella 2500HG, an eye-opener for both price and performance. Introduced in the spring of 1993, the Shimano Stella is widely regarded as the pinnacle of spinning-reel design and engineering. The Stella 2500HG is the culmination of three decades of intense development and focused refinement. The brand sent us a sample to test in our Tackle Test 2023 reviews, but we chose to exclude it from the field since it would be like testing a Lamborghini alongside a crop of mid-size sedans. We realize, too, that its price tag will give many readers the vapors; however, it is completely justified. The Stella 2500HG possesses every conceivable cutting-edge option, including what's arguably the finest gear box in the industry, with a drive that syncs and turns silky smooth. The drag is unimaginably fluid and incapable of binding no matter how much force is applied. It's man-to-machine interfaces are so well massaged they represent ergonomic nirvana. We could go on and on, but suffice it to say: If money is no object and you must have the best of the best, look no further than the Shimano Stella 2500HG. $750 |

A different slant on the Father's Day tie comes from Three Rooker Necktie Company, maker of a large selection of novelty ties. Hand crafted in 100-percent microfiber, the tie features bold blues, yellows and oranges. A great prank gift, but pretty cool, too. $25 |

This guide was compiled by editors Adam Heggenstaller, Dr. Todd A. Kuhn, Drew Warden, Erin C. Healy and Scott Bernarde.

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