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Save $91 on This Japanese Cleaver

Oct 05, 2023Oct 05, 2023

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The Hakai Cleaver Knife is a durable, all-purpose Japanese knife you’ll want for every cutting task. It's currently priced at a discount right now, so be sure to grab it quickly!

The ergonomic handle is made from premium rosewood and provides a great grip while the full tang high-carbon stainless steel 4mm blade can cut through any thick or sturdy food. It's just the knife you want to be using while prepping up a delicious meal. The blade is ultra-sharp and has a 60° tip with a curved edge for smooth and easy cutting. The Hakai cleaver even comes with a stylish leather sheath for its and your protection.

This cleaver is versatile but works especially best at cutting through tough meat and veggies. Hosting a barbecue in the future? The Hakai cleaver is the knife you’ll want to use! Spring is practically here which means summer is right around the corner.

Get yourself this high-quality kitchen knife today for 55% off, at $79.99 for a limited time!

Prices subject to change.

Hakai Cleaver Knife a curved edge for smooth and easy cutting This cleaver for a limited time Hakai Cleaver Knife